Our Issues

Our Local Economy

With hundreds of businesses employing thousands of Delawareans in the Cape Region, it is vital that the state of Delaware remains economically viable with prudent and thoughtful fiscal planning focused on value to taxpayer investments. Senator Lopez was recognized in 2015 with the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Small Business Guardian Award for his dedication and commitment to the small business community in the Cape Region and around the state. As the only Senator from Sussex County on both the Senate Highways and Transportation committee and the Health, Children and Social Services committee, Senator Lopez serves as the voice and vote, not just for the Cape Region but for all of Sussex County, on each of these committees which have an expansive role in the economic well-being of Delaware. His financial philosophy is based on prudence and equity with a focus on measurable results in order to guide future policy.

Our Schools

Senator Lopez is one of just a handful of Delaware State Senators who has children attending our local public schools. As the first in his family to attain a terminal degree and employed since 1999 at the University of Delaware, Senator Lopez has taken a hands-on approach to ensure policy and legislation has a meaningful and positive effect in our schools demanding that legislation comes from the ground up: not the top down. Senator Lopez respects the right for all parents to have a choice in where they send their children and has stressed the importance of equity and fairness in educational funding. He has stood in firm support alongside Delaware teachers; and in his 2014 re-election bid, he was humbled to be endorsed by the Delaware State Education Association, the largest teacher association in the state.

Our Environment and Quality of Life

As one of just two Delaware State Senators representing portions of Delaware’s magnificent Atlantic Ocean coastline, Senator Lopez is a proud defender and advocate for our rich natural resources having served on the Senate Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy committee since first being elected in 2012. His voting record reflects a balance of enhancing conservation and strengthening commerce from his support of aquaculture harvesting in our inland bays to sponsoring legislation prohibiting offshore drilling along Delaware’s coast. In addition, due to the inaction and poor planning of those in appointed and elected positions in years past, Senator Lopez has taken a leading role as a problem solver and facilitator, building partnerships with state, county and municipal stakeholders, to make improvements and craft commonsense measures against rampant overdevelopment all the while preserving the rights of private property owners.

Our Health

Few have done more legislatively to benefit the betterment of public health in such a short time than Senator Lopez. From authoring the landmark 2015 piece of legislation, Senate Bill 90: Rylie’s Law, to being at the forefront of advocating for stronger and more expansive nursing education in Sussex County through the support of the Beebe School of Nursing and Delaware Technical and Community College, Senator Lopez understands that the health of his constituents is imperative. Senator Lopez believes that Delaware can and should be a model in population health, ensuring positive health benefits that come from prevention, education and awareness are invaluable to a strong economy and better quality of life for all.



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